Posted by: nathankatuni | April 13, 2009

wachoraji mashakani

Somali cartoonist on the run

Threatened with torture and murder

Twenty-three year-old Somali cartoonist Abdullahi Ali Muhiaddin AKA (Abdul), whose work has been regularly published on several Somali websites including Calanka (The Flag), Mudugonline, as well as in newspapers such as the Mogadishu Times, Panorama, and Sanca Weekly Independent, recently started receiving anonymous phone calls threatening him with torture and murder. The threats were traced back to radical Somali Islamist groups. Abdul fled to Egypt where he still fears for his life.

The following is his translation of an e-mail he recently received:

“The follower of nonbelievers (Kafr)” what they called to me “The real Apostate, you will meet our torture in the world before the Day of Judgment and we know every step that you make and where you are living now. You must know that we have many youngsters (Shabab) in the Middle East and they will face [find] you to punish you for what you have done with your evil cartoons against Islam.

We know you are thinking that you stay outside the country. You should know that we have many active members in Egypt and the Middle East. And it’s easy for us to harm you everywhere in Egypt.

In conclusion, you will see the upcoming hours of torture and murder that you earned with your cartoons.”

One of Abdul’s cartoons that drew the anger of Somali Islamic radicals. A moderate Sufi is running away from a radical Alshabab portrayed here as a suicide attacker with bombs strapped around his waist.



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